Honey Harmonica
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The most realistic and full featured harmonica app available today for any digital platform, period.

Expert harmonica players will enjoy Honey Harmonica's unique flexibility and expressiveness, but it's also a great instrument for beginners to just play around with and have fun.

Best experience on the iPad. Also supports iPhone and iPod touch.

Features of free version:

  • no ads! :)
  • standard diatonic harmonica
  • play single notes and chords
  • easy loudness and breath/draw control
  • song book with play along or demo mode
  • song lyrics - perfect for campfires

With "Expressive Mode" purchase:

  • blues style note bending
  • vibrato control
  • cool "wah wah" effect
  • tilt controls
  • note names display
  • instrument tuning or key selection

A collection of fun songs are provided with the basic free app, and almost 200 additional songs are available for purchase. For our customers' convenience, we also offer an economical "Buy Everything" option - which includes all songs plus Expressive Mode (don't worry, it's really inexpensive, check it out).

Honey Ocarina

A musical instrument app with a great experience at every level. Kids and casual users will enjoy the "Easy Mode", where no special finger positions are required, and you just puff air into the mic to play a song. In the regular "Wind Instrument mode", enjoy three full chromatic octaves without any need to constantly swap scale settings.

Free features:

  • no ads :)
  • starter song pack, including song lyrics
  • choice between Easy Mode, Touch-Only mode, and Wind Instrument mode
  • same finger positions as a real ocarina
  • complete chromatic scale in three octaves
  • fewer finger positions to remember (tilt to go up/down an octave)
  • designed for a great experience on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
  • highly responsive (aka low latency) with great sound

With optional purchase of Expressive Mode:

  • choose your ocarina color
  • transpose/re-tune to play easily with others
  • choose an alternate tablature scale mode

Our Song Book also includes almost 200 additional songs for purchase.

Louie Gets Around

This app deserves special mention, because it was sort of an experiment to see how far I could stretch cross platform development. Pretty far, as it turned out. :)

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Maybe not the brightest hamster in the pet shop, Louie needs your help to get around through 100 levels* of fun challenges. Nab the ice cream cone, shop at the grocery store, feed the dog and much more, as you go through fun obstacle courses that will make you scratch your hamster ears in puzzlement.

The best part: have you ever wanted to be a video game designer? Roll up your sleeves and try out the Sandbox* level designer -- create your own collection of levels to challenge your friends. It's as easy as touching and dragging, all you need is your imagination.


"This is really fun! Can you please make more levels?"

"I never knew a shopping cart could do that."

"That is the silliest About screen I've ever seen."

* First 20 levels are free. The rest of the levels are unlocked with just one purchase, as are the Sandbox (level designer) and the ability to skip levels, or go through them out of sequence.

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